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How and why this starts

At 37, being a lawyer back home, I decided to move countries to live and build a family with my significant other. While it was a dream coming true, specially as covid-19 made it difficult to visit each other during year 2020, it also made me wonder what I would do professionally. That question (and answer) was important to me not only to have an income, but also to keep my mind active and exercise learning new things.

After giving thought to many pathways, I decided going for developing, starting with Python. The decision was made based on my belief that Python may be a good language to learn the fundamentals of programming, as well as that the job market searches for such professionals. One of my brothers is a Java developer and gave me support to go for it, although he thought and mentioned it could be a waste of my communication skills. Maybe I´ll use them as well when working with Python, who knows? I hope I do.

Now, I have to admit that not long ago, in 2019 back home, I was excited with the idea of learning UX Design and even participated in a 2-months hackathon, which enabled my team and I to create the prototype for a psychotherapy application. The experience was interesting, but…didn´t get me as excited as with the prospects of learning and working with learning programming. I consider learning UX Desing further in the future as a complement to my CV in programming, but not a priority now.

The idea of writting this blog came as a way to practice and improve writting in Englsish, as well as to register my journey into a my new life abroad and a new learning path, professional field and carreer. The latter — attempting to change careers and to do it at this age — makes the butterflies definitely fly in my stomach, but I´ll keep going.