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My path into learning Python continues and by now I´ve gone through primitive types, control flow, functions, data structures, exceptions and am now studying classes. Some lessons are difficult when I´m watching them and taking notes, but after I re-read them several times — which helps me understand the concepts — it isn´t as scary any more.

Have been exercising (strength) and quit eating sugar two weeks ago (June 22 was the first day). It wasn´t as painful as I thought it would be and, best of all, it eliminated the many decision making moments I had throughout the day…

How and why this starts

At 37, being a lawyer back home, I decided to move countries to live and build a family with my significant other. While it was a dream coming true, specially as covid-19 made it difficult to visit each other during year 2020, it also made me wonder what I would do professionally. That question (and answer) was important to me not only to have an income, but also to keep my mind active and exercise learning new things.

After giving thought to many pathways, I decided going for developing, starting with Python. The decision was…

Zoey Sab

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